The good news about owning a business is that you can set your own schedule. And the bad news? You have the opportunity to set your own schedule. If you are like most entrepreneurs, no one has taught you about the success habits that you should incorporate into the day to day management of your business. Surely, you work with the old habits you learned in your last place of employment or even school. Perhaps those habits have served you at that time, but it is very different now that you want to grow and succeed in your business. So I want to share 3 powerful habits that you must do right now to grow a successful and profitable business.

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  1. Begin the day with a positive ritual, grounding. I do not know any super successful entrepreneurs who get out of bed and immediately check the email. All super-enthusiasts have a kind of ritual – which could be meditation, a diary or visualize or read a little inspiration. But whatever it is, the point is that you have to start the day with strength and in peace. Maybe it will serve as an example, for a year, I started each day with meditation and exercise and I have to say, it really helped me to stay centered and grounded, no matter what happens around me. I tend to do more things, be less tired, and be much more focused.
  2. Take time to plan your day (and maybe the week) in advance. Now there are lots and lots of resources and systems out there to help structure your day, and it really does not matter what system you use, as long as you do something. As for me, I usually take some time on Sunday to plan my week and at least I get programs the most important thing. And every morning I check that schedule, and based on what I have managed to do, I plan what I have to do that day. The days that I do not review my schedule and do not plan, are usually my least productive days. So it is definitely worth taking 5 minutes and putting together the list of things to do daily.
  3. Take time to review your business and your goals, at least once a quarter. It is not enough to put together your marketing plan and find out your goals in January and then never see them again. You need to go back and review your goals and your plan and also check again if at that point you will be connected to your vision and mission. Are you on the right track? Have you lost your way? Are you on a different path than you wanted to, but are you finding a better way? Whatever it is, this is an important step to make sure you stay clear, connected and focused on your business which makes it much easier to reach your goals.