In times of crisis, difficulties, is the time to make the most of the teams and individuals. We must try to motivate and engage senior managers and other employees with company goals. Motivation is an art and in times of crisis in a company should not be generated walls, barriers, fears, distances … There are gaps that become chasms: little or no motivation is equivalent to very low productivity. There are thousands of recommendations, advice, tips, coaching, etc.. But what if you had to summarize the four most important actions, the simplest, no bonus, and extra costs, in a complex situation to communicate better with your people what are they? These four simple ideas can help you approach the people in your team, your employees.


1. Listen carefully: To learn more, listen better. Leaders who earn a reputation among its people tend to listen carefully, give the limelight, involve their employees, their views agree with you linking them to business objectives. They know to take advantage of ideas and observations of their employees. That if even meetings be well structured, balanced on the actors and interventions, preventing malfunctions and sterile confrontations free and personalizes leadership.

2. Meet with small groups: For greater impact and more efficient meetings, gather a small, coherent, and complementary and potentially generate positive synergies. We must take advantage of these acts around to intervene “to not speak” and create a great environment around the action plan, objectives, tasks, etc.

3. Show confidence in yours: The main ingredient of intimacy, a close relationship with the your undoubtedly trust. A trust must go both ways. Before you ask employees must show to trust them, but is basically useless. Can you trust your employee’s potentially sensitive financial information? If not you may need to work hard with them before this point. And the lack of confidence is all a readily in itself.

4. Be yourself: with your strengths and weaknesses, but you should be aware of both. To become a better communicator, you must be who you are. It is difficult to gain trust, if we get commitments choose of ourselves. The leaders who take seriously their people appreciate the value of authenticity, and assume that people be honest sometimes means being vulnerable. Do not hide behind a veil of corporate governance. It’s convenient, but gives no miracles after analyzing more than fifty proposals we are left with four. But the point is that we leave your opinion and your own ideas.