All workplaces require employees to be happy and productive, but it is also necessary to help them to achieve that goal. In fact, a little tweaking of your management practices can help engage employees by encouraging them to work at full capacity. Below are some practical tips to improve employee productivity.


  1. Pay attention to the connection between mind and body. Employee performance is affected by many external factors. Remind your employees that it is important to take care of your body and mind. This starts with a stress-free lifestyle that is sustained through proper diet and exercise, and reinforced by a tension-free work place. Remind them to start their day with a good breakfast, because if they come to the office hungry can lead to fatigue and irritability, making it less productive. Allow employees to take breaks when necessary. Having a responsible rest is not a decrease in work. In fact, it can even help to yield more. A quick walk around the block, a cup of coffee or freshly made tea etc… These are just a few things that can contribute to a small but significant break, allowing people to return to their desks with a fresh mind.
  2. The importance of the task list. Most require their employees to perform many tasks. But are they achieving the ones that really matter? Work with your employees on a to-do list once a week based on the priorities and goals of the office. Ask them to categorize their tasks as follows:
  • Or what to do immediately;
  • Or what can be done in the next few days, and
  • Or what you can do later or later.

The list can help make sense of concerns especially in a multitasking environment. Through this, they do not have to constantly worry if they are doing the ones that truly matter. Similarly, they do not have to spend too much time trying to figure out what the next job should be.

  1. Eliminate distractions. Most employees are constantly tempted to switch desks in an effort to make it more family friendly and more personal. Photos of family, friends and pets or piles of books and magazines and all this consume space in the work area. Instead of asking them to take these things out, you can provide spaces for them. You can provide shelf for books, magazines or reports, or space on the wall to hang your photos. Another important issue is access to social networks and the installation of several applications can saturate the working time, this is a problem of great importance at present. Install effective software to manage employee access to all of these applications. This also reduces the time spent monitoring what your workers are doing
  2. Provide tools to organize the work better. Help your employees become more organized by providing them with useful tools. Make technology work for them. Printers, copiers, fax machines should be accessible to eliminate the need to walk to another room. Make use of programming software to help with bets more efficiently. A good software or work scheduling is indispensable for businesses of any size this can mean the success or failure of various tasks.

The combination of these four suggestions can help your employees to be more productive and make concrete contributions to the business.