The Vauxhall Corsa and Astra remain two of the most popular cars in Manchester. With so many vehicles registered in the area it’s obvious that there are plenty of opportunities available to secure a great deal on a second hand model. If you’re buying a second hand Vauxhall you may be concerned about getting a bad deal from the seller or ending up with a stolen vehicle. If that’s the case why not read through the following tips and learn how to secure a great deal and a fantastic vehicle.

Avoid the Private Seller if You Don’t Have Car knowledge

Not all private sellers are trouble; in fact there are many that will provide you with an excellent vehicle. The problem is you will need to inspect the vehicle yourself and if you don’t know what to look for you could end up buying something you regret. You can get round this by taking a knowledgeable friend or asking an engineer to come and check the Vauxhall over for you.


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Don’t Take Cash to Buy the Vehicle

 It’s never a good idea to carry around a lot of cash but this isn’t the only reason why it’s not a good idea to take cash when looking at a car. If you’re visiting the home of a private seller or paying a trip to a dealership the cash may feel like it’s burning a hole in your pocket.  It’s not a good idea to make a rushed purchase and you don’t want to appear desperate. Take a look at the car then go away and do your sums before committing (even if you go and do your sums in the café down the road it is always a good idea to get some air before buying something expensive).

Consider the Benefits of Car Finance

 When you by a second hand vehicle from a dealership you may be offered car finance. Car finance deals are seriously worth considering, especially if you want to avoid taking out a bank loan or borrowing money.  The cost of the car is spread out over a set period of time, making the vehicle very affordable, ideal if you have a limited budget.

Take the Car on a Test Drive

 You should never buy a vehicle until you have taken it out on a test drive. Test drives let you get the feel of the car to see if it will suit you. You should also use the test drive to look for possible problems with the motor. Look for leaks, smoke and listen for sounds such as bangs or clicks. At the time of the test drive ask to see the paperwork and the service history of the vehicle.

 Finding the Right Model

 If you’re interested in purchasing Vauxhall cars in Manchester remember to test out a few different models before making your final decision. The Corsa and the Astra are the most popular but you may find you prefer the Meriva or Zafira, especially if you’re looking for a great family vehicle.