Some experts estimate that men negotiate their pay 4 times more than women in the same period of time. Therefore, say they are more satisfied with their salaries while they are more comfortable with the idea of asking for a raise from time to time. While many doubts regarding proper assessment of them exists in their work and how that is reflected in their salaries. The fact is that no negotiation is virtually impossible to get a better pay and in some cases this leads to be under the average area, age or profession.

Know how much we are worth and how to get the income we deserve is a task that many have tried and here we elucidate the key factors that can lead us to achieve this. Worth mentioning that our case is essential to analyze objectively and honestly, to develop good arguments about raising our expectations.


Always negotiate: A basic rule in setting the conditions for a new job is to negotiate salary. The first offer is often not the last who are willing to give, so it is important to state what our true interests. Of course this rule has shades, which consider the type of position and occupation, among other things. But almost in all cases it is possible to bring things to a scenario similar to our ambitions. Modesty and shame should be off when you really ask for the salary we deserve.

The salary ideal: To get to this figure we do an analysis between what we need that is what we need to pay our monthly basic needs, and what ideally expect to win. Certainly cannot have limits, but for this case should land. Between the two figures we find the average salary, which for this situation is our wage ideal.

Our market value: To form realistic expectations must sort out our market value. A brief survey of former college friends, or consultation in forums or on Internet job boards will give us an idea of what you can expect to earn a pro with our experience and features. It considered that in general people overstate by about 20% of your salary when asked directly.

Developing trust: Almost always the safety and confidence in ourselves comes after the experience and preparation, this requires an objective look our curriculum and identify our strengths from the professional point and those features that differentiate us from other professionals. When we are sure of whom we are and what we value, it is easier to negotiate and be firm when applying for compensation that actually deserve. It seems logical, from this point of view, reject any offers that are too far from our expectations, and surely we should continue to seek what really fits our profile.

To ask for a raise: In these cases it is important to consider addressing the issue at the right time. Ideally when discussing budgets or when the company has shown good results. Never touch the subject in a hallway conversation, ask for an interview and clearly explain your arguments and believes that the increases usually occur between 20 and 30%, ask more than that will probably be a waste of time.