You must have wished to save your couple of bucks and look out for ways to reduce energy consumption. Nature has provided several resources to save your money. In this regard, the renewable energy is on top of the list. You can use natural resources for instance sun, tides, rain and so forth to generate the electricity. Fortunately, the renewable energy cannot be exhausted or removed. In this modern era, renewable energy is the technology that sets from wind power, biomass and others. Let us explain you the ways to power up your homes with renewable energy.



Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the world. It is clean, renewable and proffers a variety of advantages. Firstly, it does not cause air pollution as compared to other power plants that work on combustion of coal and natural gas. In this way, you can prevent the environment from air pollution which may cause asthma or other respiratory problems. You can also install a small wind turbine at your home but it is not popular in a residential area, so this might not appropriate for people residing in cities. However, if you are living countryside then it is more stable and a great asset to take advantage of. Furthermore, it can help to generate electricity more cheaply.


Solar energy is not always used to produce electricity but can convert the sun’s power to warm your home. There are various kinds of solar water heaters that are available in the market. Solar heaters are productive because it can convert almost 80% of the radiation into heat energy. For reserving water, solar heater uses solar energy that can pump via radiators. Instead of buying expensive heaters, power your home with this type of renewable source of energy. If your roof has enough space, then you can combine the solar water heater with the solar PV panels.


That might be surprising to know, heat has been used for making your room cold. Do you want to know how? It has done by using the energy of the sun, to run the air conditioner at your home. You may find the initial cost of solar air conditioner high, but in return, it will reduce the cost of the electricity bill. However, it has observed that Air conditioners take more power as compared to other appliances at your homes. So, cutting down the electric bill for your homes against biggest appliance will reduce your expenses into the half. It proves to be the best option for anyone who is looking for setting up the air conditioner.


Taking everything into account, we can conclude that renewable energy is domestic, affordable and cleanest method of making your home powerful. The UK has some of the best energy resources throughout the world and most importantly is it not much heavier on your pocket. In fact, it keeps you miles away from the high level of greenhouse gases that emits from fossil fuels. You can do an energy comparison with Selectra to gauge which product is more suitable for you. It is wise to use solar and wind energies to make your home and environment pollutant free.