Many entrepreneurs are looking to create profitable businesses with little initial investment. Business and home -based businesses should be highlighted online, as more and more entrepreneurs are betting on them, given the high profitability they can give. But there are many types of business and original ideas and innovative ideas to face these times of crisis.

To have a good business idea, it is convenient that you take into account your qualities and abilities, that you are good to do, and with what resources, both economic and material, you can count. In this way, you will look for the most cost effective way to carry out your project. It is possible to create a business without having money.


Profitable Business Ideas

A project, in addition to a good execution of the business plan, will need a good business idea to achieve success. Here you can see some profitable business ideas.

Maintenance and repair of home computers

You can offer the same technical services as a specialized company, but when you Profitable businesses with little initial investment you will save a lot of installation expenses. You must have specific knowledge.

Bicycle repair

If you are good at repairing bicycles, you can offer an assistance and repair service at home or where the bicycle has broken.

Repair of smart phones

If you know how to repair mobile phones, you will have a business insured. You can do it at home or offer a technical workshop service in your home.

Car wash

Washing the car is a task that many people are lazy. If you offer this service with an affordable price and you move to do it, you will get many customers.

Cleaning services

There are many people willing to pay reasonable prices for cleaning pools, fireplaces, gardens or houses.

Services of DIY, gardening, ironing, sewing

You can offer these services at home to make life easier for people who cannot perform them for different reasons.

Dog walker

As with other tasks, many people do not have time to take the dog for a walk. If you manage to gather a good group of pets you can have profitable rides.

Provides thematic courses

You must talk about things that get along with you and are interesting. You can teach, for example, to speak in public or give ideas to create business.

Tattoos and piercings

If you have artistic skills and you like the world of tattoos and piercings, you can start a business of it. But you will have to meet the sanitary requirements and have practiced a lot to be a professional.

Private tuition at home

Many people demand private tutoring at home so they do not have to move. They can be of languages, of general revision, of preparation for the oppositions, of musical instruments …


If you like photography, you can dedicate yourself professionally to it. With the necessary material you can have a lot of demand, either for events like weddings or for photo shoots. You can also add your videos to your services.

Babysitting and Senior Care

These are typical jobs but still profitable. Caring for children in their homes gives parents more confidence. And high home prices make many people look for someone to care for their seniors at home.

Personal trainer

More and more people are looking for a personalized training with a person who provides them with confidence, so it can be a profitable business.

  Online design and content

Computer services are in high demand. You can specialize in content writer, web design or software programmer.

Relaxation and yoga classes

Relaxation techniques and yoga classes are in high demand and can be very profitable.

Personal Coaching

The figure of personal coaching is increasingly demanded, which increases its profitability. It requires little investment, just of knowledge and professionalism.