The questions that we make in a job interview are what allow us to obtain information from the applicant who, in turn, allow us to determine whether it meets the requirements for the position, if it suits the corporate culture and ultimately instance, if one is right for the job.

Therefore, in a job interview is not any type of questions, but only those that allow us to effectively meet our goals.

These should be made based on the job and the answers you give the applicant, which is why there is often a definite pattern of questions for a job interview, but there are standard questions that can be taken as a guide or reference for any interview.


If you were to schedule a job interview, the following is a list of questions you can consider:

On their education :

What reminds significant experience of school?

What subjects liked most?

What subjects liked least?

What studies have you done?

What motivated you to study what you studied?

What were their qualifications?

Aside from his profession or trade that other studies have?

What other profession or trade would have liked to study?

Would you consider it if I could turn back time?

What was your most rewarding experience as a student?

Do you plan to continue studying?

What would you like to continue studying?

What languages are proficient?


On work experience :

What is your experience in the job?

What was your old job?

What functions performed in your old job?

What significant achievements had in his old job?

What mistakes did in his old job and what he learned from them?

What are the risks assumed in his old job and what were the results?

Why did you leave your last job?

What do you think about your previous employers?

What you said about previous employers?

Did you have a problem with a previous boss?

What was his relationship with his former colleagues?

What you said about his former colleagues?

Did you have any problems with your former colleagues?


On personal matters :

How would you describe yourself?

How often describe others?

What are your hobbies, hobbies or interests?

What you usually do in your spare time?

What kind of reading reads?

What is your favorite author?

What is your greatest strength?

What is your biggest flaw?

What are your three greatest strengths or strengths?

What are your three major flaws or weaknesses?

What successes or achievements has been lately?

What is the biggest mistake he has made and what you learned from this?

How do you face problems?

What are your short, medium and long term?

How do you see here are five and ten years?

What do you expect from life?

What decision would change if I could turn back time?

What would you do if I won the lottery?

What if you no longer have to work for money?

How do you relate to others?

What is your relationship with your parents?

How do you define your parents?

What do you value most about your parents?

What values have you taught your parents?

What do you value most in a person?

What do you most hate about a person?

What are your group of friends?

What do you most value in your friends?


About the position to which posits :

Why you want to work in this position?

What were your motivations to apply?

Why should we hire you?

Why do you think is the best person for the job?

What are the advantages over the other candidates?

What are your expectations of the position?

How long will you be working with us if hired?

Are you applying for other jobs?

What are your financial aspirations?


On their performance at work :

Do you prefer working alone or in teams?

Do you enjoy working in teams?

What is your management style?

Do you consider yourself a leader?

How do you handle criticism?

How do you handle the pressure?

What qualities do you look for in a boss?

What would an ideal manager for you?

What would be the ideal job for you?


About the company :

What do you know about this company?

Why do you want to work here?

What do you think the company expects from you?

What do you offer this company?

What’s in this business with you?

What will be your contribution to the growth of this business?

What do you expect from this company?