At present there are few occasions when we make purchases through electronic means. Technology allows us to acquire the goods of the month from home to travel abroad. This trade has proliferated significantly in recent years by companies committed to a high volume of sales, grouping several buyers, so we can offer all kinds of offers. Therefore, it is important to know that besides having all the rights provided by the Consumer Law there is also special protection under the law, because this kind act of consumption has its peculiarities.

First, the law allows the consumer to terminate the contract without requiring the agreement of the seller, within 10 days of receiving the product has since contracted the service if it has not been provided. In the latter case the 10 days begin to run once the seller has complied with the obligation to send a written confirmation of the contract and if not, the deadline was extended to 90 days.


Therefore, it is always important to require the seller to send back a confirmation with full, clear and legible to the contract, which may be electronic or by any means of communication to ensure that the consumer has been informed in a timely manner.

In the distance consumer actions, such as those contracts concluded by electronic means, the consumer has a right to withdraw special that allows you to withdraw using the same means by which held the contract (e.g. by email) and the If the product or service is paid through a credit from the same vendor (for example, I bought a jacket in the website of a store and paid in installments with the store card or any other company) this loan will also be completed.

Money Back

Another right of the consumer who buys at a distance is to require the seller to return the money he paid as soon as possible and no later than 45 days following notification of redemption. The seller must return all the money and may not withhold any amount of expenses paid for, just in case the payment is made using the credit of another, he may retain a portion of the money for expenses (e.g. I bought a jacket on the website of a store but I paid with my credit card, the bank can withhold money from expenses to transfer the money to the store). Also, if I finished a contract that paid a service, I must return all the money I paid but with the discount part of the service already used at the time of redemption.

Meanwhile, the consumer also has obligations when it retracts like to return the product in good condition with all original features (tags, warranties, manuals, boxes, protective elements, etc..) Or value if for some plausible reason has been lost.

Consumers should note that the mere act of visiting a website, where you offer services or products cannot be understood that it has engaged or has assumed any obligation. To this end, the consumer should always expressly accept all the conditions offered by the provider and the contract will be implemented only if the consumer has had access to clear, understandable and unambiguous to the general conditions thereof and the ability to store or print all the data.

In order that these rights are respected, the consumer law requires providers to deliver a Basic Business Information which, for contracts offered by electronic or any other form of distance communication, shall contain the steps to be followed consumers to celebrate, and inform, as appropriate, if the electronic document to formalize the contract will be filed and whether it will be accessible to the consumer. Furthermore, it should be noted the mailing address or electronic and technical means available to the consumer to identify and correct errors in shipping or in your data.

Finally, all persons are entitled to not receive spam, that is, that any communication sent by email indicating what it is, the sender’s identity and a valid address to request the suspension of shipments, which from the time of application shall be prohibited.