Whether you’re purchasing a property or are simply stocking up on those exotic delicacies you tried during your vacation, we all need to send money overseas from time to time.

Everyone is conscious of finances and we’re always striving to keep them safe. While shopping online, we regularly look for the site’s security certificate and other signs that the site is reputable. The same applies to transferring money abroad: we need a secure and efficient means of doing so – a cheque in the mail simply won’t cut it.

There are many ways we can transfer money safely. You could choose to use a service that is operated by your bank but by doing so, you could face certain limitations. For example, you could face difficulties if the account you’re sending to isn’t with the same bank as where you’re sending from. Usually, both accounts need to be in your name too, which could pose a problem.


An alternative to these bank-operated services is to use a specialist money transfer facility. Companies like Travelex offer this option and can cater for transfers up to £200,000. What’s more, you can ensure you’re getting a great rate with the company’s Price Promise.

Of course, it’s not just the transfer itself that you’ll need to make sure is safe. You’ll also need to make sure your money’s destination is sound too. Avoid dodgy deals by thoroughly vetting the company you will set your account up with. Questions you should ask yourself include: are they reputable? Is the account right for me? Are there any catches? Examine the fine print to thoroughly ensure that your new account is safe.

For information specifically tailored to opening a bank account in Europe, take a look at this simple guide from Your Europe.

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