Whether you’re starting a business from scratch or you’re an investor with a little extra money to start a new business. E-commerce is a great field to get into, especially today. Even as a beginner in e-commerce, the tools and resources are there for you. All you need is a hard work ethic and the desire to succeed.

Here are five reasons to start an e-commerce business right now.

  1. Globally, e-commerce is expected to grow between 13% and 25%.

EMarketer projections show the rapid growth of e-commerce through 2018. This year is expected to close about $ 1.6 trillion and by the end of 2018, almost $ 2.5 trillion. In the United States alone, e-commerce growth is expected to be between 11.6 and 16.5 percent from 2013 to 2018.

When choosing a business model, it is always important to look at trends and move to growing markets whenever possible. The statistics support the notion that the e-business model is a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to start a new company, or for those interested in diversifying and expanding. If you want to get into e-commerce, there probably has not been a better time. Opportunities are growing daily.

  1. The ability to win while you sleep.

For brick-and-mortar businesses, location is paramount. It can make a huge difference in terms of visibility and sales. In e-commerce, you can prepare a showcase in your own domain and sell your products globally. You do not need multiple showcases to be seen around the world.

This seems to be very obvious, but the implications go far beyond what you might imagine. The trend of “pop-up” stores is to grow, as some merchants are preferring to reach their customers with little more than a tablet, a card reader and some samples of the products on hand. This means that proactive merchants in the electronic media can position their businesses in parks, metro stations and in high visibility popular corners – without violating any regulation or law, of course.

Electronic trading has a certain “passive” appeal, and while it is certainly possible to win while you sleep. Business owners should seek to leverage technology to expand as well.

  1. It’s easy to get up and run.

Not only do you have at your disposal the tools for e-commerce at the best time, but there are more than there ever were in the past. From sales platforms, automated marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) tools, even those who start from scratch can get up and run without robbing a bank.

The most challenging aspect of the startup is the product, but if you are passionate about some product line. Especially if you have helped something in your personal life. The process of building relationships with distributors or suppliers of a product is much easier. In addition, it is that passion that will guide you to do all the work necessary to make your business successful.

  1. Eighty percent of the online population has made some electronic purchases.

As you can imagine, that 80 percent will continue to grow. The key to every owner of an e-commerce business is to establish trust and credibility with profits and customers. From developing an engaging and easy-to-navigate website to creating content that helps your customers, there are many different aspects to gaining your trust, but if you commit to continually improving, over time, you will build a loyal audience.

It is no exaggeration to say that trust is one of the most important aspects to sustain an e-commerce business. People clearly rely more on e-sellers than they did in the past. But security and privacy are still concerns in the minds of many people.

  1. You can sell more to customers below the line.

Virtually all e-commerce businesses find that reduced friction is extremely important in order to increase sales. Abandoned shopping carts are a problem, and you have to be willing to optimize and channel your resources to ensure maximum conversion. Fortunately, there are apps and tools to redefine your target audience, which can help you capture customers before they go away.

Content marketing is another effective way to sell. You can create relevant and valuable pieces of content for your readers, capture them as subscribers via email and let them know about sales, discounts and promotions that you prepare for them.

Most entrepreneurs have other business ideas that they would love to try someday. Once you’ve built a successful e-commerce business, selling it can give you the capital to go to greener meadows. There are many reasons to start an e-commerce business. If you are interested in being your own boss and selling products that you are passionate about, it is worth considering. If you want to speed up the process, you could even buy an established business.