Three Tips To Help You Land Retirement Jobs


Some people look for retirement jobs because they cannot see themselves sitting idle all day long after a busy working life; others look for the financial security that it offers. There is yet another group of people who look for personal satisfaction, something to keep them going, stay focused and active. Whatever the reason, it is advised to keep yourself busy even after retirement in other to keep your mind healthy and strong. As you grow older you may reduce the extent of work but maintain a good amount of activity.

Applying For Jobs Post-Retirement

Before you apply for the coveted job, put yourself into the shoes of your prospective employer and try to counter his or her fears successfully. Your success in landing the job very much depends upon how convincing you are on the matter.

1. Inability to work long hours – employers often feel that advanced age may not permit you to put in long hours of concerted effort. Play up the experience card. You should highlight it in your resume that as a highly experienced professional you would be able to offer more value for money than those with less experience; and you do not need long hours for that. Remember your Experience is your key here.

2. Higher pay for the same work – new entrants often work for peanuts in the beginning of their careers, as they look for experience more than money. On the other hand, a retired person would expect a much higher salary for the same work. Highlight value addition in the job. As an experienced person, you are bound to give a much higher quality result than a newcomer.

3. Offer more – whatever your profession, offer to do a little extra for the job you are applying for. Based on your experience and profession, highlight the fact that you could and would do more than the strict requirement of the job. The employer should feel your services are a great bargain for them.

The trick is to make the employer believe that you have more to offer than get from them, and in actual fact you do. The experience that you bring to a business is invaluable to any business.They should feel that by inviting you on board, they gain more than an employee. Ensure that your prospective employers understand what a treasure you are for them, show off past references, be confident and bold in presenting your services and you would never have trouble in landing retirement jobs.

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